The Waffle Shop billboard repurposes a defunct rooftop billboard structure atop the Waffle Shop/Conflict Kitchen building and replaces the static message of a commercial sign with an experimental publishing system in the sky for stories, thoughts, and ideas. The system uses a set of custom-made letters that float on rails, with only the sky as the background.


Rent Our Billboard For Only $100 a Week!

We like to think of the billboard as an experimental publishing system in the sky for stories, thoughts, and ideas. We know you want to get a message out but we also ask you try to push beyond the conventional and think creatively in your submission.

Here’s how it works:

  • We are looking to promote stories, thoughts and ideas and as opposed to businesses. We will ONLY accept submissions from individuals. We can not offer discounts.
  • We are able to accommodate roughly 25 characters a line (including spaces) for a total of 125 or less characters on the 5 lines of the billboard.
  • We will change the text every Sunday or the next day if the weather is bad (since it does involve two people up on a billboard for four hours)
  • For people that want to rent for a month it’s $400.
  • All text for the billboard must be approved by the Waffle Shop selection committee as well as Eve Picker from We Do Property and Skip Schwab from East Liberty Development (they haven’t said no yet).
  • You will receive a high-res image of your billboard.
  • Email us if you are interested at [email protected]

Here is our available letter count. Do not use more than we have.

  • 16- E
  • 13- A, I
  • 12- U, . (periods)
  • 10- G, L, N, R, S, T
  • 9- O or Zeros
  • 8- F, P
  • 7- B,D, M
  • 5-H
  • 5- C, K, V, Z
  • 4- W, Y
  • 3- J, Q, X, c (cents), !, $, commas
  • 3- 3, 4, 5, 7, 9
  • 2- 1, 6, #, %
  • 2 sets- ” “, ( )
  • 0- 2s (strangely we forgot to make 2s, but we can convert a Z in a pinch)

*we’ve tried everything billboard courtesy Anthony Discenza

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